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GentleLase Pro - Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal - GentleLase

GentleLase represents the re-imagination of the aesthetic industry's premier laser for permanent hair reduction. It's faster and loaded with advanced features that continue to deliver superior results that has earned the trust of practitioners worldwide and in particularly in the Middle East region.

The advanced technology and improved capabilities of GentleLase make it the laser of choice for precise, non-invasive treatments.

GentleLase Pro Versatility
Your investment in GentleLase technology will allow you to treat much more than unwanted hair. In fact, practitioners around the world are reporting on their success treating a variety of conditions, like epidermal pigmented lesions, and vascular anomalies from leg and facial veins to hemangiomas as well as reducing wrinkles

A Dynamic Cooling Device so original, it's patented
The patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) provides consistent, reproducible epidermal cooling and unparalleled comfort for your patients. DCD prepares skin for treatment by selectively spraying the upper layers with a cooling burst of cryogen in adjustable spray/delay durations, milliseconds before and after the laser pulse. DCD's unique design provides excellent visibility throughout the entire process, is operator independent, and will provide the same epidermal protection no matter how fast the laser is fired.

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