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Laser Hair Removal - Q Switched (Fine Hair Removal)
Q Switched (Fine Hair Removal)

Q Switched is a powerful double frequency Q-switched Nd: Yag laser with a dual pulsed mode: Q-switched mode 5-7 nanosecond and Q Switched mode (quasi-long 300 microseconds). It has a unique technology capable of producing four wavelengths to accommodate different skin types and conditions.

Q Switched can perform multiple treatment options:

  • Q Switched Laser Toning™ - a unique 5-7 nanosecond pulse width (Q-switched mode) to unify skin color, remove pigmented lesions and tattoo, hair bleaching, and temporary fine hair removal.
  • Q Switched soft peel - non-ablative skin resurfacing procedure that reduces the appearance of epidermal Melasma and peels the stratum corneum layer.
  • Q Switched Peel™ - a unique two part procedure which involves the application of carbon lotion with laser energy of 300 microseconds pulse duration to remove gently and effectively the dead skin cells, and stimulate new skin growth.

Q Switched laser features a robust design, reliability and the versatility clinicians have come to expect in a lighter, more powerful and user-friendly device that requires little or no maintenance.

Q Switched comes with a top-hat beam profile guaranteeing a uniform distribution of energy, short pulse duration and high peak power to minimize thermal damage. It has essential advantages for any successful aesthetic medicine practice providing a reliable and versatile solutions, effective with consistent results.


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