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Procedure - Fillers

Dermal fillers are very versatile when used properly, so we use them to improve and rejuvenate many areas. Some of the most common are: Lips - to plump and define the lips, restore lip borders and keep lipstick from bleeding over; Cheeks and cheekbones - to round and raise the cheeks, and restore the look of youthful contour and high cheekbones; Smile lines; Corners of the mouth - when turned down you can look sad and the right filler corrects that; Marionette lines - the "parentheses" around the mouth; Undereye circles which make people look tired; Depressed scars from acne, trauma, etc. are smoothed; Hollowing of the cheeks and temples; Hands - which can otherwise look old; Other areas including earlobes, chin, remodeling the nose, etc. We inject these dermal fillers just under the skin through a tiny needle to raise those areas that have been depleted and we often use anesthetics to make the procedure more comfortable. The results are dependant on the technique of the injector so we inject slowly and carefully and that's why patients come to us. After we place the dermal filler our patients can see immediate improvement!

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