Dr. Suad Lutfi

A well-respected consultant in the field of cosmetic dermatology, laser and phototherapy. She is an American Board Certified Dermatologist and a licensed physician since 1993. She has completed a degree in Medicine and Surgery at Jordan University of Science and Technology and graduated in 1993 among the top ten in Medical Training. Her first dermatology residency started in 1994 at Al-Qassimi Teaching Hospital, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

In 1996, she went to United States to further her knowledge and training in Internal Medicine at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Three years thereafter, with her dedicated learning and work, she became the Chief Resident in Dermatology Department at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. She also served as General and Cosmetic Dermatology Consultant at 21st Century Dermatology Association, New York in 2001.

In 2002, she founded "Dr. Suad Lutfi Dermatology, Venereology and Laser Clinic" in Dubai which has expanded to a total of seven branches across the U.A.E and a branch in Doha, Qatar. The increasing number of patients in Dubai and in the other Emirates as a proof to our professionalism. Dr. Suad has performed and supervised various patients including well-known and highly respected personalities in the Gulf.

Today, Dr. Suad Lutfi Medical Center is considered as a leading authority in the art and science of aesthetic procedures not only in UAE, but also in other countries in the Gulf.

Dr. Suad is a member of the U.A.E. Medical Association, American Academy of Dermatology, American College of Physician and American Medical Association. She is recognized as one of the country's leading dermatologists.

As an Arab woman and a dermatologist, Dr. Suad takes great pleasure in treating her patients with their medical and cosmetic issues to improve the patient's self-esteem and overall physical and psychological well-being.